Welcome to Matsu ( Linthicum )

Matsu prides itself on creating each meal individually for each guest. Everything is always fresh at Matsu. Matsu prepares all of its own sauces and menu items in-house. Matsu does not use any artificial flavorings in its recipes. Careful selection of the finest vegetables, fish and meats are a daily requirement for Matsu's kitchen.

Our manager Scott

Scott is seriously involved with promoting his profession by being active in the community. Scott has become a mentor to aspiring chefs. He enjoys teaching upcoming chefs how to successfully use their creativity while upholding the fundamentals of food quality. His supportive, knowledgeable style of teaching is another aspect of Scott's devotion to present our guests the freshest selection of dishes prepared with only the finest ingredients. The high quality cuisine of Matsu under Scott’s management speaks for itself.

Whether dining in or getting carry out..... You will be delighted at Matsu!